Virtual Telephone Central

central telefonica
8DID offers an extremely useful Virtual Phone Center (VPC) service, which is potent and easy to use for managing and directing incoming calls. The application is designed to give its user flexibility, freedom and control over how to manage incoming calls to his DID Virtual Numbers.

The VPC has many applications for corporate use and Works as your own phone central service. The VPC will allow you to:


puntolista Receive calls from one or several DID Virtual Numbers.

puntolista Forward calls to any VoIP internet number or Traditional Network (PSTN).

puntolista Play custom recorded messages for the people who call.

puntolista Receive direct calls at different extension numbers.

puntolista Send your recorded calls to a voicemail inbox.

puntolista Send voice messages to an email address of your choosing.

puntolista Receive faxes and forward them to an email address.

puntolista Manage conference calls.

puntolista Keep in touch from any device.


Custom Voice Menu - IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

You can create your own voice menu, forwarding calls to their intended department. You can also record custom messages for each option in the menu.

Your new phone number can be forwarded as many extensions as you need and those extensions can in turn call to any geographical location in the world.


Simultaneous Ringing

You can configure your calls so they ring in several phones at the same time, therefore leaving no incoming call unanswered.

You can combine both simultaneous and sequential ringing so that some telephones ring at the same time and then be sent to other designated phones if no one answers.

Repique Simultáneo

Sequential Ringing

This function allows you to configure sequential rings. If the first specified telephone number does not answer, the calls will be sent to the next telephone number provided.

You can combine both rings, simultaneous and sequential. Some phones can ring at the same time, and if no one answers, the calls will be sent to the other designated phones.

Repique en Secuencia

Conference Calls

This function allows multiple incoming calls to participate in a telephone conference.

With the VPC you must configure this component and assign a PIN number to said conference.

Llamada en Conferencia

Virtual Voicemail Answering – E-mail

You can receive your voice messages at your email address and listen to them on your computer or smartphone, saving them for future consultation, or even sending it to your colleagues when they need a copy.

Contestadora Virtual Correo de Voz – E-mail


This function allows you to block incoming calls from a specific number. You can configure this list adding as many numbers as you wish.


Virtual Phone Central - Examples

Objects at the VPC can be connected logically in limited combinations. We've numbered some basic configurations the will help you understand its diverse components and their functionality.



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