Virtual Numbers - DID

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Virtual Numbers are directly associated phone without a phone line. A virtual number can work as a bridge (gateway) between traditional and VOIP calls. Allowing receive calls on your landline, mobile, PC or central IP phone from any country with the local cost to the caller.

If you or your company requires a national or international presence you can assign one or more virtual numbers from any city to your 8DID account.

How can a DID Virtual Number help my business?

Having a local phone number in different parts of the world will multiply your chances of having potential customers calling your company.

Your new telephone number will expand your marketplace instantly, thus increasing your potential income and improving your customers' satisfaction. For example:


1. In long distance international and national calls, the caller usually pays only for a local call. This means that if your customer lives in Los Angeles and your offices are in Toronto, Canada, you can acquire a DID Virtual Number in Los Angeles and customize it so that it rings in Toronto, with a local cost for the person who calls in LA.

2. You can add several phone numbers to the same line. For example, if your offices are in New York and you have clients in Madrid, Miami and Bogota, you can acquire a DID Virtual Number for each of these cities and forward them to your telephone line in New York.

3. Conventional telephone calls can be diverted through a VoIP software. This has special relevance for VoIP communications, since it allows people connected to the traditional telephone network (PSTN) to call people connected to VoIP networks.

Obtain the benefit of privacy. When publishing an advertisement, you could supply a temporary Virtual Number so that you clients can reach you without compromising your identity.


puntolista You can have everyone contacting you no matter where you are. Your DID Virtual Numer is valid all around the world.

puntolista You'll be able to select a phone number from any of the main cities in the world and forward its calls to your existing phone number, anywhere in the world.

puntolista Unlimited calls with unlimited duration.

puntolista Avoid the use of physical equipment and the costs of maintaining it. It works with all phone systems.

puntolista Reliable, high-quality voice services.

puntolista Instantaneous activation of DID Virtual Numbers through our online web services, 24/7.

puntolista The destination of a DID Virtual Number can be changed by you at any moment through our Online Control Panel.

puntolista Call logs are stored and available for you in a secure database.

puntolista Each DID Virtual Number is provided with two channels, which allows two simultaneous incoming calls at the same number. Additional channels can be acquired if necessary.

puntolista Free customer services through our online chat, e-mail or contact phone.

puntolista You can suspend your service at any moment you with. There are no contracts.



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