Toll free Numbers


A toll free number is a line free of charge for the caller. These numbers, known for their "0800" code are virtual lines in which calls are diverted to a real line (traditional or mobile). It serves as a unique phone number nationwide in which you can receive calls made from anywhere in the world. They can also be numbers coded from 100 to 800 depending on the country where they are activated.

Phone numbers are assigned an area code, in the case of the 0800 tollfree code, this makes the calls to be free for the caller regardless of the place where the call is made.

In some countries, 8DID is capable of identifying the origins of each call as well as if it is from a landline, mobile or public phone. You are capable of accepting or blocking the traffic generated by any of these networks. This feature is called CPC (Calling Party Category).

This service grants an added value for enterprises, since it allows clients, customers and providers to get in contact with you at zero cost.



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