Techniques of Use


Can I transfer my calls to multiple phone numbers?

Yes. This is known as simultaneous calling.

What is sequential ringing?

Sequential ringing sends calls to different phones in a predetermined order. Once the call is answered, the sequence stops.

Can I activate the sequential and simultaneous ringing functions at the same time?

Yes. For example, you could establish a sequence of three phones to ring simultaneously, then another three phones and then another group of three, until the call is answered.

What kind of warranty do you offer to ensure a quality service?

We offer several predetermined commuting routing modes. If a route fails, there are others that can back it.

How does Fax-to- Email work?

The Fax-To- Email function allows you to receive fax messages without fax equipment at the same number in which you receive voice call. Our network detects incoming fax messages, converts them to PDF or Tiff files and sends them to any e-mail address of your choosing.

How does Voicemail-To- Email Work?

Our voicemail-to- email feature converts your voice messages to an audio file (.Wav) which can then be sent to any e-mail address of your choosing.

Which network do you use to redirect phone calls?

We use mainly the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to reroute calls. We also use the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

Is using 8DID like using Skype?

8DID offers a much wider range of virtual and toll free numbers, especially at the international level. Additionally, our network is designed for large commercial accounts and does not require specialized software.

Can I make calls from a DID Virtual Number or a Toll free Number?

Yes. 8DID offers you the chance to make international calls quickly, easily and cheaply through your Virtual Number.

Can I send SMS from a DID Virtual Number or Toll free Number?

No. 8DID only provides numbers for incoming and outgoing calls.

Can I return calls through my DID Virtual Number or Toll free Number?

DID Virtual Numbers and Toll free numbers do not offer a last-call return service.



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