Payment Methods


How do you set the monthly fees for your service?

Your monthly fees are based on the type of number that you choose. Check our prices and coverage page to see our monthly fees, minutes included and additional tariffs per minute. Your monthly fees can change depending on the amount of minutes you use, the location and the type of phone that receives the call. For example, it's less costly for calls to be forwarded to a landline than to mobile phones.

If you forward your calls to VoIP telephones, you will only be charged the cost of installation (single payment) and the monthly fees for virtual number maintenance no matter how many calls you receive, for your callers the calls will have a local cost.

If you perform calls from a DID virtual number that is forwarded to a VoIP phone, you will have a discounted charge per minute. There will be no charges for the person you call.

If your DID virtual number is forwarding your calls to conventional telephones (PSTN), you will be charged a certain fee per minute whether it's an incoming or outgoing call as well as the configuration and maintenance cost. This fee will be deduced from your existing deposit by an amount that will depend on the country and network in which you forward your calls.

If you have a tollfree number and you forward your calls to conventional phones (PSTN) or VoIP, besides the configuration and maintenance costs you will be charged a fee per minute. This fee will be discounted from your existing deposit; its amount will depend on the country and the network where you forward your calls. For those you call there will be no charges.

How do I obtain a discount by volume?

If you use more than 5.000 minutes per month, contact us to request information about our corporate discounts.

Which payment methods do you accept?

8DID offers several options for its clients to perform their payments. The following payment options are the ones available:

Bank Transfers

Are there tasks, interest rates or other extra charges included in my monthly fee?

No. There are no hidden charges. Unlike our competitors, 8DID includes all taxes and charges on the monthly amount shown at our price table.

Will I receive a bill at my email inbox?

No. You can download and print your bills at the Billing section of your Online Control Panel.

What's the automatic renewal option?

We offer the possibility to automatically renew all DID Virtual Numbers and Toll free Numbers, so that none of them are lost in case of a delay at the time of monthly renewals.

How can I renew the service?

The client can opt for a manual service renewal each time it's about to expire or he can establish the automatic renewal service. This means that your DID Virtual Number or Toll free Number will be renewed without any additional effort from the client. You can change this configuration whenever you wish and you will be able to choose between “Enable" o “Disable" on the auto-renewal option.

What will happen if my payment is rejected?

If your payment is rejected you will receive a notification message at the specified contact e-mail address for your account. After receiving such notification we recommend contacting the Administration Department and taking measures to solve the problem so you can avoid and disconnect your DID Virtual Number or Toll free Number.

If we don't receive an answer from you within two work days, your request will be canceled and you may lose your service.

Keep in mind that it's the client's responsibility to make sure that all their payments are effective so the services are not suspended.

When will I have to pay the setup fee?

The setup fee will be paid once they DID Virtual Number or Toll free Number is acquired.


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