It's a language and format for messages used by an application program to communicate with the operative system or any other control system or program, like a DBMS (Data Base Management System) or a communications protocol.


Voice over Internet Protocol. It refers to call routing through the Internet instead of the traditional worldwide public switched telephone network. On a company level it is better known as VoIP SIP.


It's a recommendation from the ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union), which defines the protocols to provide audio-visual communication sessions over network packages. H323 is commonly used for VoIP and videoconferences using Internet Protocols.


The term "host" is used in computing when referring to networked computers that provide and use network services.


IAX (Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol) is one of the protocols used by Asterisk, an open source PBX (telephone central) service sponsored by Digium. It is used to handle VoIP connections between Asterisk servers and between servers and clients that also use IAX protocols. IAX protocols are now referred to as IAX2, the second version of the IAX protocol. The original protocol was made obsolete in favor of IAX2.

International Telephone Line

It's a standard telephone number in the city or country of your choosing that is connected to the internal system of our international network, which doesn't have an interface with users. When a person calls and dials the local number, the calls are sent to any destination telephone in the world.

Virtual Number

Despite its name, a virtual number is a real telephone number. When a person that calls dials the virtual number, the call is sent transparently to any destination in the world.

Online Control Panel

The Online Control Panel in our website will enable you to manage your phone numbers, setup or change the rules of your calls, change your payment options, access call registries, and much more.


Public Switched Telephone Network. This refers to the public telephone networks in the circuit commuting world. It's the traditional route used to perform calls.

Call Forwarding

It's the rerouting of calls to a phone number designated by you. With our service, this means that a local number in London can be rerouted to a call center in Buenos Aires, an office in Mexico City, or a cellphone in Sao Paulo.


Session Initiation Protocol. This protocol directs calls through the Internet instead of using the traditional PSTN protocols.



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